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Chinese eBook reader M218B

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MSRP: $299.95
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Item Number: MD218B
Manufacturer: ECTACO
Manuf. Part No: MD218B
Portable Chinese eBook reader M218B is the ultimate pocket library. Capable of storing thousands of books in English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, plus music, picture and flash files, it is a universal mobile library for professional, business, research and leisure reading.

With an easy to scan high-resolution 5-inch display and a viewing angle close to 180, it is fully customizable. Even readers who have difficulty seeing print books will benefit from its adjustable text size and font face. And weighing in at only 7.5 ounces, this handy device fits perfectly into the palm of your hand.

With built in high-speed Wi-Fi, Chinese eBook reader M218B can easily connect to wireless network. Then you can immediately search and download numerous eBook, Pdf files and music. Another exciting feature of Chinese eBook reader M218B is that it supports end-to-end transmission. You can copy and exchange files, music, picture with another user, who can be your friend or just another "eBook-pal".

When reading, Chinese eBook reader M218B allows text to be searched and cross-referenced using bookmarks which makes it an excellent choice of format for dictionaries and other reference books. And any text benefits from the pre-loaded English <-> Chinese and Chinese explanatory dictionaries that allow you to select any word for translation to help build your foreign language vocabulary.

Readers can begin reading as soon as they download a book without needing to visit a bookstore ever again. And Chinese eBook reader M218B is eco-friendly too, because it doesn't consume the paper, ink, or other resources that are used to produce printed books. Moreover, e-books downloads are always less expensive than the same books on paper; with hundreds of thousand available online for free!

Chinese eBook reader M218B features include:

  • Support for e-Book contents in English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, connecting with wireless network, Chinese eBook reader M218B can download MP3 and PDF files directly, high-speed.
  • Bookmarks and auto page turn functionality
  • 5-inch big screen. Adjustable font type and size
  • Resolution and color: VGA 640 x 480, 16-gray scale display.
  • Screen rotation support for both portrait & landscape modes
  • Built-in English <-> Chinese, and English, Chinese explanatory dictionaries
  • Built-in MP3 player that supports background playback
  • Formats: EBA, TXT, WOF, PDF, HTML, EBAML(EBA2.0), BMP, JPG, GIF, Animated GIF, MP3
  • Support Flash cartoon format
  • Support end-to-end transmission, users can copy and exchange files once connecting to wireless network.
  • SD card slot (supporting 1-4G SD card)
  • Battery: 2800mAh Rechargeable Lithium-ion. Maximum battery life: up to 22 hours, stand-by time one month. Battery charge time: AC charger 4 hours

Large Display

Chinese eBook reader M218B uses a huge, state-of-the-art 5-inch VGA reflective monochrome TFT screen to provide readers with an easily viewed display that is kind on the eyes. The revolutionary display reflects light without the need for backlighting which tires the eyes when reading for long periods. So easy to see and read, Chinese eBook reader M218B can be used anywhere - in the bright midday sun or the subdued lighting at home.

Wi-Fi Wireless Broadband Internet

With built in Wi-Fi, you can use Chinese eBook reader M218B to surf wireless internet. After searched the files and music you like, you can instantly download to Chinese eBook reader M218B instead of downloading from computer with USB cable.

Chinese eBook reader M218B has a fancy end-to-end transmission feature. Once connecting to wireless web, two users will be able to copy, send and exchange any files, music, pictures to enlarge each e-library, share with friends or exchange study materials.

A Whole Library in Just 7.5 oz

Weighing an easy to carry 7.5 oz., Chinese eBook reader M218B is one of the lightest e-books in the world. Slimmer than even a standard paperback, it easily fits in the palm of your hand for an incredibly comfortable reading experience. The built in flash-memory allows you to store your favorite books to read whenever and wherever you like. An SD slot accepts interchangeable SD cards (purchased separately) of up to 4GB in size so that you can increase your portable library almost without limit.

Designed For Comfort

Chinese eBook reader M218B is the most comfortable 'book' you will ever own. Not only is it smaller and lighter than a standard paperback, it also offers numerous different ways for you to read its content. With control buttons located on both its side and face for instant access to all of its advanced features, support for 'portrait' and 'landscape' display modes, adjustable font and type size and a viewing angle that lets you set the book down and still be able to read it, it is truly the world's most easy to read book.

Fast and Accurate Searches

With Chinese eBook reader M218B it is easy to search the contents of your e-library. Using a sophisticated search engine, you will get a list of every instance of a word found in the book's contents when you enter a search term. Then simply choose the reference you want and the Chinese eBook reader M218B will take you there instantly.

T9 Text Input and Three Chinese Input Methods

Chinese eBook reader M218B uses the advanced T9 text input method that refers back to its pre-installed dictionaries to complete words as you type them. The comfortable alphanumeric keypad familiar from mobile phones makes entering the word you want quick, easy and accurate.


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