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Affordable HomeElectronics Authorized Dealer for :

  Affordable Home Electronics-Authorized Online Etailer





AmpliVox Portable Sound Systems and Lecterns
AmpliVox Portable Sound Systems and Lecterns

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Affordable Home Electronics Authorized is a dealer for :

Why buy from an Authorized Dealer?, we strive to make the shopping experience as easy as possible, while maintaining high standards of customer service and competitive pricing. We are authorized dealers for all products and brands that we carry, and all products are genuine USA retail products with full USA manufactures warranties, from MP3 players toQ see Security Cameras. All products include all accessories packaged by the manufacturer for that item, no items are open box or repackaged. We will not contact you after you place your order to try and sell you accessories, warranties or additional products.

The web is full of all sorts of electronics and home entertainment dealers with many prices available. Some are huge dealers with actual stores, and some are fly by night or small time operations. Not all dealers sell the same specific products or are authorized dealers for certain products. Some web dealers may actually be selling you open box, used, gray market items (overseas versions of the same model), or items not acquired through legitimate or authorized channels. Some dealers may advertise products at unbelievable prices, and then not have the order in stock when you order it or try and sell you the manufacturer Тs included accessories as optional accessories.

We are constantly researching pricing by other legitimate web dealers and strive to make our pricing as aggressive as possible. We are also researching and working directly with the manufacturer to provide you with the latest pricing and price changes. We also do not charge outrageous shipping prices on our items like some other web dealers may do, and you may actually get a higher total delivered price from them even though their prices may be significantly lower on the item itself.

Generally speaking we do not match the prices of the various other online dealers, for reasons stated above. If all dealers were truly legitimate and provided similar levels of service and credibility, that would be a different story, where aggressive price matching can take place, but that environment does not exist online at this time. If you feel you have found the same product, for a better delivered price and you feel the dealer is a legitimate dealer selling a genuine USA retail product with USA manufacturer warranty, with all included manufacturer’s accessories, we will welcome and consider your price inquiry. Please call us directly for any price inquiries related to your purchase.

Authorized dealers offer peace of mind. Authorized dealers:

  • Meet manufacturer standards, from sales to service, in order to receive authorized status.
  • Receive training directly from manufacturer representatives and share that expertise with you.
  • Provide service and support for all the products they sell.
  • Ensure that manufacturer warranties will be honored.
  • Buy directly from manufacturers and stock products in their own warehouse.
  • Must prove they observe proper business practices and show fiscal responsibility.

The Internet is an incredibly convenient source for information and is a wonderful way to find savings on the products you want. Protect yourself from potential complications by buying from authorized dealers and ensure that you have a pleasurable experience shopping.

 Manufacturer Contact Telephone Numbers:

 Apple/iPod: 1-800-275-2273

 AT&T: 1-800-222-3111


 BellТO: 1- 732-972-1333

 Bose: 1-800-999-2673

 Canon: 1-800-652-2666

 Case Logic: 1-800-925-8111

 Casio: 1- 800-962-2746

 Da-Lite Screens:   1-574-267-8101

 Delphi: 1-877-463-3574

 Denon: 1- 973-396-0810

 DirecTV: 1-888-238-7177

 Fuji: 1- 800-659-3854

 Garmin: 1-800-800-1020

 General Electric: 1-800-634-0151

 Infinity: 1- 516-674-4463

 Jabra: 1-800-327-2230

 JBL: 1-516-255-4525

 jWIN: 1-866-807-5946

 Kenwood: 1-800536-9663

 Klipsch: 1-800-554-7724

 Kodak: 1-800-235-6325

 Kyocera/Yashica: 732-560-0060

 LG: 1-800-942-3786

 Mack Warranties: 1-800-252-6225

 Magellan: 1-800-707-9971

 Maxell: 1-800-377-5887

 Meade: 1- 800-626-3233

 Konic a/Minolta: 1-201-574-4000

 Mitsubishi: 1- 949-465-6000

 Monitor Audio: 1-905-428-2800

 Monster: 1-415-840-2000

 Nextel: 1- 800-639-6111

 Nikon: 1-800-645-6689

 Olympus: 1-888-553-4448

 Omnimount: 1-800-668-6848

 One For All: 1- 502-499-8868

 Paradigm: 1- 905-632-0180

 Pentax: 1-800-877-0155

 Philips: 1-800-531-0039

 Pioneer: 1- 800-421-1404

 Pioneer Elite: 1- 800-421-1404

 RCA: 1- 580-634-0151

 ReplayTV: 1-800-933-5899

 Rio: 1- 206-515-1400

 Sakar: 1-877-397-8200

 Samsung: 1-800-726-7864

 SanDisk: 1-408-542-0500

Sapphire Audio: 1-800-876-4434 

 Sharp: 1-800-237-4277

 Sirius:   1-888-539-7474

 Sonance: 1-800-582-7777

 Sony: 1-800-222-7669

 Stewart: 1- 800-762-4999

 Sunfire: 1-425-335-4748

 Teac: 1-323-726-0303

 Technics: 1-800-211-7262

 Tivoli : 1- 877-297-9479

 Toshiba : 1-800-468-6744

 Velodyne: 480-595-7141

 Verizon: 1-800-922-0204

 XM Radio: 1-800-967-2346

 Yamaha: 1-800-492-6242

 Zenith: 1- 847-391-7000

Learn more about shopping smart online: (Links will open in a new window)

Federal Trade Commission Safe Shopping Guide.

Better Business Bureau Fraud Red Flags and Shopping Tips.

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